We constantly work on improving our customer relationship. For those who do not want to carry cash around or want to give someone a useful present we have developed a PREPAID EXPRESS DELI CARD.

Your benefits are:

 - Easier and faster purchases in EXPRESS SANDWICH stores, EXPRESS FOOD and orders from EXPRESS DELI Catering
 - You can charge your card with meal vouchers - (stravenka) and you receive from us an EXTRA 5% credit
 - You can charge your card with bank payment or debit card and you receive from us an EXTRA 5% credit
 - Charge your EXPRESS DELI Card with cash and we give an EXTRA 10% credit!
 - EXPRESS DELI Card is a perfect gift for you friends, colleagues
 - Do you care about what your child eats? EXPRESS DELI Card is an ideal solution for payments of snacks and lunches. And you have a complete control over your child´s dietary practices.

 - NEW! You can charge your card online and you receive 10 % more credit. CLICK HERE.

You can obtain your EXPRESS DELI Card in any EXPRESS SANDWICH store when initially charged with 500,-Kč. Your next re-charge starts with just 200,-Kč.
The maximum amount of credit is limited to 4000Kč per card.

For any questions, please do not hesitate and let us know.

Do you have already our card and you wish to register?


Here check out our Business terms and conditions for EXPRESS DELI Cards.

Here take a look for FAQ,. Isn´t there an answer to your questions: Contact us

If you have any problems with registration, please contact us