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Feb 8, 2017 - NEW Breakfast Menu

New year brought new and fresh changes into our menus. Check out the latest and let us pamper you right from the start with a warm breakfast.
We probably will not be able to serve you breakfast to bed, but...We offer your WARM breakfast favourites including fluffy homestyle pancakes, tasty waffles, freshly baked croissants and home-made cakes.
Your protein portion is guaranteed with our signature grilled eggs, cheese or meat cold cuts. Add fresh vegetables, fruits, and in the early morning baked bread....Your breakfast wish comes true!
We provide full range of herb, fruit and black teas as well as pure Sicilian coffee.

Our warm breakfast items are served in heated chafings.
We offer large scale of inventory and professional waiting staff.
Do not hesite and ask for your breakfast menu proposal. We are looking forward get you all you need for your perfect corporate breakfast.

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Why choose EXPRESS DELI?

Our priorities are YOU, freshness, quality and quickness.
  • You and your health: We cooperate with nutrition experts from Clinic 21 s.r.o. Together we create a balanced menu according to the latest health supporting dietary practices.
  • Freshness: Daily we carefully choose and control the origin of the primal ingredients.
  • Quality: We insist on constant product quality and professional services to satisfy your needs.
  • Quickness: Careful and in-time preparation with a perfect coordination guarantee a prompt service and on-time deliveries.
  • Style and trends: To be up-to-date on what's up in the gastronomy business we travel, watch, buy, taste the very best and then transform in to delicacies offered on our menu.
  • Seasonal: Catering menu in EXPRESS DELI changes regularly with each change of season. New combinations, fresh ingredients, unexpectable tastes...

On 24.1.2012 Czech TV ČT24 aired a story about our company, available in Czech only here.


         Always fresh and home-made food you love at the first sight!

        EXPRESS DELI provides complete catering services for your on- and off-site events,
private and corporate meetings and parties. Among our customers are the largest multinationals operating in Prague.
You can always rely on our fresh and top quality products, professional approach and quickness.
Our catering menus          includes tasty warm buffet prepared according to Czech and international recipes, appetizing fingerfood and
home-made pastry. We are able to set up the menu details according to you requests.

Check out our catering offer and let us to handle your event with loving and professional care.


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