Our production

Our production is based on careful ingredient handling and thoughtful meal preparation.

Several times a day our time-proven suppliers deliver to us fresh vegetables and fruits. Before taking the delivery we carefully check its quality and origin.  If possible, we prefer local products.


We insist on freshness and natural taste. We cook and roast all meats in special convection ovens. The meat doesn´t loose its natural taste and nutritive values - protein quality, vitamins and minerals. The meats cooked in convection ovens are more juicy, tender and tasty. Check out the difference when tasting our home-made roastbeef. Salmon we offer origins in Norway and is smoked in 30°C. Our dips are exclusively home-made.

We never fry and re-use oils. We cook only with extra virgin olive oil. We never use any artificial colourings,  flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives. All our deliveries are completed right before expedition.

Every day we cook large quantities of home made soups. Taste our tomato soup, our customers' favorite or any other soup of the day.