Our story

We believe in values such as quality, honesty, freshness and the impact food has on our life quality. We believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Therefore we want only the very best for you and us.

At the beginning there was an idea to produce fresh, high quality and the best sandwiches and salads in Prague. The concept was well accepted by our customers and later we added more sandwich stores and started to cater your events at home and work. Later we expanded our menu and the SANDWICH company turned into EXPRESS DELI. Now we have four stores, a warm buffet bistro and a growing catering business.

The very first EXPRESS SANDWICH was opened in June 2001 in Anglická street in Prague 2. We changed many times menu, added new combinations, products and testes unusual ingredients. Your frequent requests to cater your events led us to develop a new concept with a special menu - EXPRESS DELI Catering. In January 2014 we opened EXPRESS FOOD Anděl, a completely different concept - lunch buffet bistro offering only warm, fresh,and dietary balanced products. The concept does not have a set menu and everyday you find something special.

Thank you for your confidence in us. We hope to meet you soon in person in our EXPRESS SANDWICH stores or at EXPRESS DELI catering events.

                                                            Ondřej, Lukáš, David